SMILE ON US Solidifying MY Lifetime Empowerment on
“I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be.”

Albert Einstein

“Treat yourself as if you already are what you’d like to be.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer

"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are." -     Joseph Campbell  

​"Unless you reach the person's innermost core of being, you haven't really reached them." Anon

What We Do

​​Positive Transformation happens in real-time aboard an experiential Virtual Reality Ride.

The students will get to develop greater awareness as they are creating their one-and-only precious life. The students do not need to
spend their life trying to figure out who they are.  The students get to answer the all-important "Who am I???" question.

For everyone -- understanding who we are is a critically important component for our well-being and knowing what makes us "tick".

Bullying is dealt with and the students "get" how NOT to become a victim -- how to become resilient.

The students will identify -- and claim -- their dreams and goals. Importantly, the students will develop a purpose for their life.

All of this happens inside of a solid support system with a buddy, a mentor, the benefactor, who paid for their scholarship, and every student can receive a scholarship. He or she will learn how to create a support system which includes the student's own Board of Advisers.

We totally mix things up and take an upside-down, inside-out look at what we can create for our life.

On this Virtual Reality Ride, your guide, Simon, would like to be called "GratiDude!"

GratiDude! guides the students so they can access the tools through which "empowerment technology" gets transferred in 'real-time' using
what some would say is our most powerful quality -- our imagination. The result is lifelong empowerment!

We take an inside-out look at the unique qualities that define us . We claim those qualities and use the power of that experience to understand our own uniqueness and the purpose for our lives.

This experiential workshop opens students to the possibility and power of participating in their own lives at deeper and more profound

On this journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance is a potential and powerful outcome.

Students explore their own beliefs and their feelings about diversity and acceptance through experiential activities and guided introspection.

Transformation occurs in a nanosecond and drives new choices and positive new behaviors.

Once our life purpose is constructed, what happens? The power of personal choice in designing the life we want to live appears. We set
a path to determine our truest dreams and visions and then take action to accomplish them. While doing this, we learn about the joys of
living abundant and fulfilling lives in an authentic and respectful relationship with ourselves and others.

Of course, we know that “telling” students what to do and what not to do does NOT necessarily lead to desired outcomes. So by “experiencing”
the power of choice, accountability and possibility, we become immersed in the reality of who we are.

 What You Can Expect

 Essential outcomes you can expect from this workshop:

  • Internalizing the value of integrity as a way of “being”
  • Heightened awareness of self: beliefs, behaviors, choices, value
  • Awareness that you are “more” and “bigger” than your circumstances
  • Increased sensitivity to and compassion for others
  • Reclaiming the qualities of our “inner child”
  • Develop passion and enthusiasm for life
  • Understanding of the negative impact of right/wrong and good/bad judgments
  • Awakening to the knowing that your life matters
  • Realizing how your beliefs limit and/or enhance your life and impact behavior
  • What it means to live life on purpose and consciously
  • Commitment to making life-affirming choices
  • Appreciation of the power of self-respect as a mechanism to respect others
  • Accountability and responsibility as ways of living an abundant life
  • Recognition of the impact we have on the lives of others and how everything we say and do affects ourself and others


As students participate in experiences to solidify these outcomes, they come to know that every life has value -- and every person has a unique contribution to make.

The students will take a personal inventory to bring awareness to their own choices in relationship to others.

When we know that our lives matter, we realize that everyone’s life matters. We look at the negative impact of bullying, substance abuse and other self-destructive behaviors.

The student will set goals that are congruent with their personal contract and life purpose and to make a positive difference in their world. Action produces results and a knowing that "Anything is Possible!"

SMILE ON US will stay connected with the student after the one-day kickoff.

This becomes a lifetime association.

We offer experiential workshops for parents and siblings. is a fully-donated program.  The school does not have to come up with any funding.  The student is sponsored by a donor who is initiating a pay-it-forward exchange and thus begins a lifetime empowerment and support system to be voluntarily acknowledged by the student. 

Gratitude creates abundance.